Project Example

Ultra Large Curved Glass for SAP Head Quarters in Dublin Ireland.
SAP is one of the largest software companies in the world.

SAP Head Quarters
Bucholz McEvoy Arhchitects; Dublin Ireland
SAP Head Quarters
Bucholz McEvoy Arhchitects; Dublin Ireland
106 inches or 2700 mm by 165 inches or 4200 mm; tempered; IGU's

"The option of curved glass allows designers to create more visually pleasing and unique structures to the building. Curved toughened glass is a complicated and complex process where it is bent to a specific radius during the tempering process. Clearstream's partners utilize the most advanced glass machinery in the world, and are ranked amongst industry leaders in glass engineering to fulfill your curved glass requirements."


ClearStream represents Carey Glass, the Leading Independent Glass Processor;
Certified, reliable, independent ISO, OHSAS

Technical Specs

Please review the following documents for detailed information of
Clearstream's capabilities in oversized flat and curved glass.

Product Examples

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