Bird Safe Glazing
York University Student Centre
North York, Toronto, ON
Cannon Design, Toronto, ON

Challenge: Eliminate bird collisions without the use of adhisive stripes, dots and patterns

Solution: Ornalux Bird Safe Glazing (More...)

Dynamic Glass windows
Humber River Hospital
Toronto, Ontario
HDR Architects

Challenge: Utilize 40% less energy than Energy Code Standards

Solution: View, Inc.’s Dynamic Glass windows (More...)

Ryerson School of Imaging Arts, Fixed Louvered Interlayers
Ryerson School of Imaging Arts
Toronto, Ontario
Diamond Schmitt Architects

Challenge: Daylighting Problems

Solution: Fixed Louvered Interlayers (More...)

Brooklin Community Centre and Library, Wood Interlayers
Brooklin Community Centre and Library
Stouffville, Ontario
Perkins Will Architects

Challenge: Solar Heat Gain Control with Classic Materials

Solution: Wood Interlayers within Architectural Glass (More...)

Novartis, Solid Body Coloured Architectural Glass
Basel, Switzerland
Gerold Wiederin Architecture

Challenge: Colour Advancements for Architectural Glass

Solution: Solid Body Coloured Architectural Glass (More...)

111 South Wacker, No reflection glass
111 South Wacker
Chicago. IL
Goettsch Partners

Challenge: Eliminating Glare and Solar Heat Gain

Solution: No reflection glass (More...)

Quinte Courthouse, Metal Interlayer IG Units
Quinte Courthouse
Belleville, ON
WZMH Architects; Associate Architects: Shoalts and Zaback Architects Ltd.

Challenge: Provide soft interior daylighting with insulating glass and view controls

Solution: Metal Interlayer IG Units (Copper) (More...)

ClearStream Expertise:

Bird Safe Design employing Ornilux Bird Safe Glazing

Researchers estimate that hundreds of millions of birds are killed each year in North America due to collisions with glass on human-built structures, making bird collisions one of the most significant causes of avian mortality globally.

ORNILUX offers a unique and innovative bird-friendly glazing solution—maintaining the aesthetic transparency of glass while creating visual markers alerting birds to a barrier.

The Future of Bird-Friendly Architecture is Clear...

Pair different VLT's within the same elevation; without compromising the visual appearance of the facade: maintain a uniform appearance

Arnold Glas provides a new solar control technology for architects and facade planners who aim to optimize solar control, maximize efficiency and comfort while maintaining a uniform facade appearance.

Four different solar control glass coatings (A40, A50, A60, A70) featuring four different light transmission and performance values can be paired together within one facade

The indoor climate can easily respond to the outdoor conditions associated with too much shade or too much sun.

This new technology saves energy costs related to artificial lighting, heating and cooling loads while preserving the harmonious look of the facade.

Create Isotropic tempered glass facades: eliminate distortions created by traditional tempered glass production methods.

Arnold Glas has developed a new Isotropic production process and measuring tool that allows the production of tempered glass with an anisotropy value smaller than 5% and thereby eliminates visible anisotropy.

No more discolorations that detract from the pristine design themes originally envisioned by the design specialists.

Illustrate the beauty and detail of the architectural design with immersive viewing: SMART Pixel TV

Design and construction specialists are using advanced 3D illustration software programs to create fully interactive presentations to dramatically illustrate the design features of every new facility.

Unparalleled three dimentional graphics provide immersive viewing of the interiors, exteriors and site location.

Clients enjoy walk around interpretations and drone panoramas.

Smart Glass:
Switch from clear to opaque to blackout with SmartGlass.

Advanced privacy controls provide a full range of visible light transmission through the flick of a switch.

Transition Glass :

Eliminate exterior and interior mechanical shading devices, apply on-demand wireless contactivity internet controls. Enable the proactive management of interior spaces for thermal, daylighting and view preferences.